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Roofs do not last forever, but you can increase the longevity of your roof by repairing it when needed. If you catch the small problems early, you can opt for repairs instead of replacement.

We do roof repairs in the Torrance area, and beyond. If you have leaks, drafts, have noticed any damage, or are worried that your roof might need repairs, call us out to fix the problem or take a look.

Roofs can become damaged after heavy hail, high winds, and other stormy conditions. If you have been hit by anything, it is a good idea to check your roof for any damage. We have many satisfied customers, and we can help you to save money and your belongings too.

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Our Quoting Process for Roof Repair

Roof repairs can start around $2,000 but there is no upper limit to the cost. The final expense will depend on a lot of things. The larger the roof, and the more repairs that are needed, the more money it is going to cost. You also need to think about the material. If you have shingles, it will be less expensive, but metal and clay can drive the price up.

Obviously, the type of repair will be a factor too. If there is some patchwork to be done, that will be less expensive than having to repair a large hole. You also need to think about any costs associated with the damage, such as water leaking into your home.

We will be upfront about our costs and offer transparency so that you can see exactly where your money is going.

Do You Do Emergency Roof Repairs?

Yes, we do all types of roof repairs, and that includes emergency repairs too. No matter the type of repair you have, or the time of day, give us a call and we can help you to make things right.

3 Reasons
To Hire Us

At Torrance Roofing Pros, our goal is to install & repair fences to the best of quality for homes and businesses in the Torrance, CA area. We use the highest quality materials for all styles of roofs.

Reasons why you should choose us:

1. With decades of experience, we’ve seen it all when it comes to roofing for residential and commercial properties.
2. Unlike many contractors, we actually answer the phone and always act professional.
3. We’re not done until you’re satisfied with our work and you have a smile on your face.

Commercial Roof Repair

When it comes to repairs, we do not only do residential buildings, we can take care of all your commercial building needs too. We know that time is money, so we will strive to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Tile Roof Repairs

Tile roofs are expensive to install and they can be expensive to repair too, so it is beneficial to take care of your roof and not let it become too damaged.

The most common type of repair that will need to be addressed is a cracked tile. Even a small crack can let through some water, so it should be patched, or the tile should be replaced before it becomes an even bigger problem. Tiles can be brittle, so extreme hail or impacts from tree branches can crack a tile.

Tile repair can be tricky and, if not done right, it can only lead to more problems. We know when to repair the tile and when to replace it, and can have your roof looking as good as new.

Shingle Roof Repairs

Shingle roofs do not last as long as others, but you can repair them to increase their lifespan. Over the course of your shingle roof’s life, you are going to have to do some repairs. Wind, rain, and hail can damage a shingle roof, but it is mainly wear and tear that you are going to need to be concerned with.

As shingles wear down, the protective coating on the top is slowly removed, and the shingle will need to be replaced. High winds can also rip up the shingle from the roof. Damaged shingles may only need to be stuck back down, but often they will need to be replaced.

We can replace one shingle or a variety of shingles, and have your roof looking back to its best.

Metal Roof Repairs

Metal roofs look beautiful but can soon look dull and broken after heavy hail, or over time. Metal roofs need expert repairs, and this is one roof repair job that should be left to the specialists. You may be able to patch it yourself, but it needs an expert touch to ensure that it is properly sealed.

You may also need to replace the entire panel and that is not easily done by just one person. We have a team of professionals who can take care of everything when it comes to metal roofs.

With the slope on metal roofs, it can become slippery, and that is another hazard to watch out for. Thankfully, we have the right equipment, and our contractors are professionally trained.

There are other roof materials out there, and tiles come in many forms, like slate and concrete. We have the knowledge to patch and replace those too. You may have a synthetic roof, or a rubber one, but not to worry, we have the tools and materials to quickly patch those. We can even deal with wooden shingles, replacing any broken ones to leave a spectacular finish.

No matter the material your roof is crafted from, we can fix it, so give us a call to talk about any of your roof problems.

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Delaying The Inevitable: Roof Maintenance Tips To Avoid Costly Repairs

No one ever wants to shell out for costly roof repairs, but there are some things that you can do to avoid having to repair your roof. Here are our top maintenance tips.

  • Inspect your shingles every season. This will help to spot any problems and is something that we can help you do.
  • Clean your roof. Moss, lichen, and even mold can be cleaned off your roof before they cause any major problems. You can power wash or you can remove by hand.
  • Maintain your gutters to stop any water from becoming backed up.
  • Make sure to trim any trees so that there is no risk of falling branches.
  • Check your insulation on the inside, looking for any water damage or frost in the winter.
  • Remove any large debris from your room.
  • Caulk any small cracks if you can.

Follow out simple tips, and your roof will last longer.

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