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Torrance, CA

A Precision Roofing is a roofing company servicing the Torrance, California area.

We’re passionate about installing and repairing roofs for all residential and commercial customers in the Torrance area and beyond.

Our team will help you install the perfect roof on your home or business, or repair an existing roof before there is any internal damage.

If you’re tired of shoddy workmanship and having to call contractors back, want to protect your family, customers, and belongings, or want to make your home safe and beautiful, our team can install a high-quality roof at an affordable cost.

So what are you waiting for?

If you found yourself searching for a roofing contractor, then you’re in the right place.

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Why Get A New Roof?

A new roof will elevate your home, adding beauty, value, and curb appeal. If you are trying to sell your home, then this is going to help you to achieve that. Of course, adding value and beauty to your home is also beneficial while you are living there too.

A good roof will also protect your home. Our roofs are made from durable materials and finished with care so that you are protected from the elements. If rain, snow, wind, or frost gets into your home, it can cause immeasurable damage. A high-quality and well-maintained roof will protect you.

You should also think about the heat that is escaping or getting into your home. An old and worn roof, or even a poorly installed one, will let the heat out in the winter and let in too much heat in the summer. A professional roof will actively reduce your utility bills.

Our Services

New Construction Roofing

If you are a builder who is building new homes or commercial properties, or if you are thinking about building your own home, then we can help to install a professional and high-quality roof. We have years of experience with new builds and know the right type of roof for your building.

We will work with the builders to install the roof when the structure is ready so that they can get on with everything else. Our expert contractors have worked with new roofs for many years, and they have tracked the changes and modernization of the materials and practices. We can install any type of roof for you and love the challenge of something new.

We will work around any obstacles and keep to your designs.

Roof Replacement

No matter how good a roof is, it will eventually need to be repaired. This could be anywhere between 10 and 50 years, depending on the material, but it does need to be done. Of course, new roofs are not immune to replacement. If you have worked with an unprofessional contractor or have been hit by heavy winds or hail, then you might need to have your roof replaced sooner than expected.

We will remove the old roof for you, check the underlying material, and install a new roof efficiently and affordably. If the roof can be repaired, then we will let you know and do the work, but it is generally better to replace the entire roof rather than patch it.

Call us for a free quote, or just to visit and check the condition of your existing roof.

Roof Repair

It is never too late to salvage a roof, and we have knowledgeable contractors who can identify roof problems and fix them before they turn into big problems, and the roof needs to be replaced.

If you are worried about an existing roof installation or you have been recently hit by the elements, then we can come out and take a look. Your roof should be inspected every year and, if you are not comfortable doing it, then we can come out and take a look. We will never start any repair work until you are satisfied with the cost.

Small problems in your roof can quickly turn into large ones, and even the smallest leak can cause thousands of dollars of damage. Call us out before it is too late.

Commercial Roofing

We do not only install and repair residential roofs, but we also do commercial properties too. Depending on the type of property, it can be tricky to install or repair a commercial roof. There can be numerous obstacles, such as fans and vents, and you need it to protect your valuable commodities, like your employees and stock.

We have years of experience installing commercial roofs and can install on a new build, replace an existing roof, or repair an old and worn roof. We know what it takes to build a solid and durable roof that will protect your business. 

If you need a new roof for your commercial property, give us a call and fund out exactly what we can do.

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Our Roofing Process

With decades of roofing experience, we have created the perfect roofing process from the moment you pick up the phone to the final inspection.

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5 Reasons To Choose Torrance, CA

We Are The #1 Choice For Roofing In Torrance, CA
We are a company built on trust. If you speak to our previous customers, you will find that we are not satisfied until you are. We have the best contractors, the best materials, and the best aftercare. When we install your roof, we want it to be the best so that you tell everyone about it. We guarantee that we will do a professional job, and you can trust us on that.
We do not claim to be the cheapest roofing contractors around, and there is a reason for that. Cheap prices usually mean cheap materials and labor. Yet, we are not the most expensive company either. What we offer is value for money. We install professional roofs at fair prices.
We not only work in Torrance, but we live here too. We know the buildings, people, and climate. We know what it takes to build a professional roof in Torrance, and we know the people too. We can help to build both the roof that you want and the roof that you need.
We have been installing and repairing roofs for years, and our contractors know how to create something that will last. When we are done a job, we don’t want to come back, and we know how to get it right the first time.
With years of experience, we have been able to build a team of the very best contractors, we use premium materials, and we look after our clients all through the building process. When we are done, our roofs will hold up to the elements, stand the test of time, and look beautiful too.

Areas We Serve

We service Torrance, Palos Verdes Estates, Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, Rolling Hills Estates, Lomita .

If you would like to inquire if we service your area, please call (310) 692-7993

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